Pick Your D1 Playoff Dream Line, On A Budget
The Apex


Speed to burn, stamina not a doubt, and as agile as anyone

PIVOT — STEF MAINEY (London Brawling) $4

In my view, the best allround player in the world! So strong, very aware of what is around her, and will deliver the points if a star pass is needed


SEXY SLAYDIE ($4) and OMG WTF ($3) — (Gotham)

I have to put these 2 together, they work so well as a pairing but also work as part of a wall, or induvidually. Deceptively quick and surprisingly agile, these 2 alone give jammers nightmares


I may be biased, as she is a good friend, but that would be doing her an injustice! Simply a machine, can play every jam in a game and then do it all again, really good footwork and core strength means she rarely goes off her skates.

I’d really love to see this line up in a Sur5al tournamanet!!!

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