Mars Cats Voyage

Mars Cats Voyage
5 min readSep 21, 2021


The Team:

MCV (Mars Cats Voyage) was created by three friends who were inspired by space, illustration, and their pets. (After all, when your cat is a naughty boy, sending him out into space doesn’t seem like a bad idea 😁).

Captain Drew and Mission Pilot are childhood friends. They attended an art school together and later studied design at a university. It was their unquenchable passion for art, multiplied by their talent, that made this project happen.

However, without Flight Engineer Lesh and his titanic technical efforts, transferring a rocket launch to digital space would have been a bit of a challenge, and our fluffy passengers would have never left Earth!

MCV Team

Captain Drew is an IT entrepreneur, an art lover, and a visionary. He’s an ideological mastermind and the passionate leader of the project.

Mission Pilot is an illustrator, a single-speed bike fan, a BBS old-school wheels fan, and a young-timer car owner. Our artist is so humble for the genius he is!

Flight Engineer Lesh is a Tech Guru, a geek, and a volleyball player. After launching this project and fighting back a couple of hacker attacks, Lesh is not only our team’s hero but also a respected person in the entire community of Martian cats.

How the Project Started:

The team started working on this project in May 2021. After discussing tons of possible concepts, we decided to develop the idea of ​​cats’ space travel to Mars. After a few weeks of brainstorming, the first sketches of the fluffball colonizers appeared.

This was followed by a painful choice, though. How could we not let such сuties on board?

To participate in the expedition, all the cats were required to pass a serious selection process; once passed, they would start training at the flight training center. The cats have been generated algorithmically from over 200 distinct traits such as color, accessories, garments, hairstyles, and more. Each trait is unique to a particular cat, with some being rarer than others and of special value.

As a result of the experiment, some cats received mutant genes that grant them very unique attributes. For example, the faceted eye of a dragonfly, which has a lens and light-sensitive cells. This allows them to see via movements and react to them. Having such eyes makes a cat a dexterous predator.

Among the colonizer cats, there is a robot that blinds with a laser, a cat with a fiery dragon’s tongue that burns everything in its path, and many other hybrid species.

MCV Cats

The team also created fifteen models of spacesuits that are stylistically different, but technologically equally perfect. Each space suit is individually tailored and assembled from multiple interchangeable parts. The total number of spacesuits was initially limited to three thousand items.

MCV Spacesuits

What’s Happening Now:

As we have already written in the official Discord channel, we found a forgotten batch of 333 spacesuits when cleaning the warehouse. They are exact copies of the previously released suits, and they are currently passing a leakage test before release.

The extra batch of 333 spacesuits will be randomly distributed among the remaining 7,000 Martian cats. The total number of spacesuits will make 3,333 pieces, which means even more astronauts can take part in the exploration of the Red Planet!

333 Spacesuits random distribution

Additionally, we are working hard on launching and upgrading new spacesuits. Right now, our factory is being recalibrated and upgraded to add suit-selling functionalities. If you own a cat with ID number 1–3000, you will have the opportunity to transform their suits into a custom, tradable NFT that will fit absolutely any cat from the MCV collection.

MCV Packed Spacesuit

Each cat can only have one tailored spacesuit–so choose wisely!

All 10,000 cats will be trained to handle spacesuits. Martian cats ranging from 3,001 to 10,000 will have a chance of getting 1 out of 333 randomly assigned spacesuits, or they can purchase a suit on the secondary market from another fellow.

We have designed a diagram of the process below:

The provided materials will still be subject to edits–this is not the final result. Our work is in progress, and we will try to release an update ASAP.

What’s waiting for astronaut cats after they land on Mars?

This is the very beginning of our long journey. We are heading towards the Red Planet in a spaceship, hoping to reach the surface of Mars as soon as possible.

So far, we can only speculate and fantasize about who or what we will meet on Mars and how the colonization will go. We are discussing the possibility of creating Martian base settlements. But will our space modules be comfortable for life?

The parameters of the Martian soil are close to those of Earth, and theoretically, we can grow plants on the Martian soil. We also need to take into account the possible presence of other life forms on the Red Planet. What if we meet aliens? It might be nice to make friends with them.

The space odyssey has started. Let’s go!!



Mars Cats Voyage

The first limited collection of NFTs telling the story of cats and their Voyage to Mars.