Mind Mapping the Future Expansion of Mars Cats Voyage

Gm from the Captain’s Cabin! We just received an important message from our colleagues at CASA (Cats Aeronautics and Space Administration). While the Space Team continues their approach to Mars, the team back on Earth has been analyzing loads of planetary surface data, including signals coming from the Icaria plateau first intercepted a few months ago.

Thanks to new advanced technology such as the Cats’ Webb Space Telescope, we now have access to precise high resolution imagery of the surrounding area where we plan to land Space Shuttle LEO on arrival. Based on these, CASA has laid out some suggestions for the expansion of our colony on Mars.

Mind Mapping the Future Expansion of the MCV Universe

Mind Map 2.0 is the result of our collective mind maps built from plans, community feedback, research, and consultations relating to the future of the MCV Universe, which reflects current NFT market considerations.

As we all know, the NFT space moves extremely quickly. Trends are born and buried in one breath so it’s incredibly important to constantly listen to public sentiment, have a long-term perspective and look for ways to produce value to holders as we continue to scale.

One incredibly important piece of this expansion that we’ve been working on for over 4 months now is the upcoming Alien Cat collection, which will be invading your wallets very soon! We conceptualized this collection to be as original as possible, with no direct analogues anywhere to be found.

They’re designed to stand the test of time, while helping us to continue developing a foundation for rich storytelling and world building.

Alien Cats will play a huge role in the continued expansion of the MCV Universe, which includes staking, but let’s talk about this in another section.

Moving off-chain $MCC to on-chain $MLC

The fuel that will be powering this future expansion will be an on-chain utility token called $MLC or Martian Labs Coins. The existing in-game and off-chain currency $MCC (Mars Cats Coins) will be moving on-chain!

This transition will be essential to delivering additional utility across the growing MCV Universe and Martian Labs ecosystem that we’re building.

$MLC will be rolled out in such a way that holders of NFTs across our ecosystem will be able to significantly benefit from this expansion. Moreover, an on-chain token like $MLC will enable us to build-out a broader array of interconnected products and sustain a larger community.

Some of the additional utility $MLC can unlock are:

  • Special pricing and WL spots on future MCV NFT drops
  • WL allocations for other Martian Labs projects
  • Discounts on limited merch drops
  • Additional products unlocked through partnerships and collaborations

Mars Expeditions (Staking)

During the expansion of our colony on Mars, Mars Cats as well as Alien Cats will be able to take part in “expeditions”. To send a Cat/Alien on an expedition, they must be staked (and delisted). Cats that will take part in expeditions (staking) will receive $MLC.

Also, Cats and Aliens taking part in expeditions will be able to unlock various experiments (game tasks), and receive additional rewards and $MLC.

We will release even more ways holders can generate $MLC in the near future, so stay tuned.

MCV Project Scaling and Colony Expansion

Once Mars Cats land on the red planet, they will start building-out their colony to sustain future growth. For this, we are looking to expand the MCV Universe and your digital ownership with some powerful new NFT drops.

The imagery provided by CASA from the Cats Webb Space Telescope illustrates just an initial set of plans we are rolling out.

For instance:

  • Mars Cats Companion NFT drops — you may have seen some of the mysterious looking treasures or creatures the Alien Cats hold, some in the community have even named a few of them “Nugget” or “Nuggette”. They have a very important story behind them, which will be shared very soon.
  • Extremely exclusive 3D Mars Cats — these are full-body rendered models, which will carry very heavy utility in the ecosystem.

We have lots more planned but don’t want to reveal all our cards just yet. All we can say is that we need to keep growing our Space Team so that we can build the required infrastructure to expand our Red Planet colony…

Building-out the Martian Labs NFT and Token Ecosystem

The Martian Labs team has multiple products in the pipeline, which are being developed in parallel. Holders of MCV NFTs and $MLC will have preferential access to these projects and the integration of their communities.

We will continue experimenting with ways to provide more value to our holders and the community.

What to expect?

We don’t want to make promises that we can’t keep. The Web 3 landscape is changing so rapidly but we are keeping abreast of major shifts and we will be ready to pivot!

Our goal is to build a strong, sustainable brand in the Web 3 space, implementing time tested approaches and experimenting with new ones, all while attracting a dynamic and supportive community of NFT and digital property collectors.

Take your seats in the Passengers’ Area, we are landing soon.

If you’d like to take part in the expansion of our colony on Mars and benefit from the expansion of our Token and NFT ecosystem, then welcome to the journey! Check out our OpenSea, Discord and Twitter.

New discoveries await!



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