How I Used & Abused My Tesla — What a Tesla looks like after 100,000 Miles, a 48 State Road trip…
Steve Sasman

“ Most $100,000 cars are babied by their owners. Never taken out except on a warm Sunday. Garaged and kept with extremely low mileage. Only driven by the owner, not even allowed to be driven by a spouse, much less a stranger.”

Do you have any evidence to back up that claim? Frankly, I find it dubious at best. Many people are hard on their expensive cars, but they keep on ticking. Hell, MB and BMW are often used in expensive car services where they are routinely abused. One thing is for certain, you’d seldom be replacing a drivetrain in most cars at 100,000 miles. With Tesla, you had to do it twice. That’s pretty crappy production quality right there.

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