Why every father should bring his toddler out for a mini adventure.
Stefen Chow

Oh my God, you guys are so adorable! Do say hi to Little Chow. I’m sure she’ll grow up as cool as her dad. :)

This writing of yours is so realistic and at the same time, beautiful. I am not a father and I have yet to be a mother, but I have a little brother and this writing of yours reminds me a lot of him and how much I hope for my father to spend some more father-son-only adventures with him for I am sure that it’s essential for a father (who, like you mentioned above, tend to be treated as a second option, maybe even third) to bond with the child and it is certainly not an easy job; it needs extra patience and time, but it is totally worth it at the end.

May I have some advices on how do I ensure my mum that a father-son-only trip is completely okay for my brother and father to have (because she is constantly worried about how my brother’s not having his afternoon nap, taking his medications properly, eat adequately, and all sorts of worries mums have) and at the same time convince my father that it is essential to spend some more time with my brother? He is a busy man and my brother is his only son in a family with 4 females (which means he only has my dad to play along and do boy stuffs with) and therefore I hope that my father would spend some more time with him. My brother is growing up any minute and I don’t want it to be too late for my father to bond with him and I don’t want my brother to be distant with my father.

Tl;dr: I am a concerned sister, can you please give me advices on how do I convince my mum to be less worried and my father to spend some more time with my brother who is, sooner or later, gonna hit puberty?

Thank you!

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