Why Erykah Badu’s Opinion Is Dangerous
Dominique Matti

This post is amazing. You said everything, every single thing that I am concerned about. I will definitely share this to my closed ones.

In my country (Indonesia), patriarchy is something that flows in our blood, until it somewhat feels natural for me as a woman to still feel responsible whenever I’m being catcalled while wearing a simple baggy t-shirt and a pair of pants. It’s so natural until some of my girl friends actually diss me and accuse me for being “a girl who’s ‘asking for it’” whenever I want to strut in my low-neck blouse, v-neck t-shirt, or a sheer top. It’s so natural until my very close friend who has always been so accustomed to always be devoted to her male partner, to always give, give, and give, until she forgets how being confident feels like, tosses away all the good things solely given to her, quits having me time, feels guilty about having such small awards after a hard day work, because her life means nothing but being devoted to her male partner — because she’s a woman.

What makes me even sadder is that there are parties who are up against the “privileges for women and are contradictive to the so-called equality”. The ladies parking area. The female compartment in public transports. Even some women in my country are against those, for God knows what reason, but really, those are not privileges. I once read a comment posted by a woman that said,

“I believe I shouldn’t have privileges just because I have a vagina”.

Really, those are not privileges. Privileges are gifts, good fortune, a favour, not something you get as means of prevention (or should I say consolation) for being treated so inappropriately for ages.

Have a good day to you and your family! ☺

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