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Today, in a situation where assets of various types become unprofitable, the black swan visits markets where it was previously unfamiliar, many investors are trying to transfer their assets to more stable formats, or to get out of them in favor of money, which is usually the American dollar or the euro.

Our study shows that during any crisis, the unemployment market grows (in America it has reached a catastrophic 23%, which has not happened since the Great Depression), as well as the growing need for lending to the population and refinancing of current loans. …

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The industrial revolution changed the lives of countless people. The advances in science and technology led to the advent of advanced industry, and nowadays new technologies are changing the structure of entire industries.

The information revolution ushered in by the rise of the Internet necessitated a host of structural changes to the way businesses operated to adapt to the new market reality. If an enterprise chose to not implement the new technologies it risked being left behind and condemned to bankruptcy.

At the same time, new companies which focused on technology, like Microsoft or Google ballooned in size overnight. New jobs flooded in to replace the old. In the new information era, the creation of physical value, having been a key element of the industrial revolution, became increasingly marginalized. …

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The tokenization of and the introduction of the blockchain technology into the loans market was an inevitability and Marhal Lion has kept itself ahead of the curve by tokenizing the non-bank loans market as well. Now a successful Marshal Lion IEO is complete.

The loans market is an enormous one and can be compared to the payments market. The consumer loans market is in fact larger than the entire digital payments market. The same is the case with the small and medium business loans markets.

According to a report by CBInsights, the aggregate worth of the small and medium business loans market is $3.4 …


Marshal Lion Group Coin

Marshal issue objective is to create a blockchain-based platform that will grant investors easy, safe and comprehensive access to the non-bank lending market.

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