Blockchain: A new Frontier in Crowdfunding

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3 min readOct 23, 2019


“Blockchain” and “tokenization” are words increasingly used within the context of the financial market — especially when it comes to groundbreaking projects. Will the startups market ultimately evolve to have tokenization at its core? Let’s find out.

The main challenge any new startup faces is how to acquire funding to kick the project off. Did I say “is”? As a matter of fact, any new startup WAS faced with that problem before the blockchain technology and tokenization changed the paradigm of fundraising. Keep reading to learn more.

Blockchain: improving the world around us

Blockchain helps to democratize many areas of our everyday reality that before were anything but democratic in nature. Among the many improvements blockchain offers is the possibility for anybody to issue their own currency and personal tokens. The latter are in effect company shares issued without the arduous formalities normally associated with issuing shares by companies. This ease of fundraising translates into greater market stimulation and growth of entrepreneurship. Most of all, however, it marries the idea of startup with the core philosophy of crowdfunding.

The startup market is well acquainted with “angel investors”. Young entrepreneurs wanting to get their business project off the ground would most often require outside investment and there were companies specializing in offering such. Conversely, there were also individual investors offering the same. The process was difficult to navigate, however, let alone trying to enter the traditional stock market and issuing shares that way.

Blockchain, being a technology which has been gaining currency with entrepreneurs and investors alike for the last few years, makes the above process much easier. Today, if you only have a good idea for a business and an experienced project team, you do not need to seek out that precious one particular investor who will choose to invest in your project. Now you can have hundreds or even thousands of them.

The New Frontier

Blockchain helps you fundraise — that much is clear. What would happen, however, if we merged the two models together: what if we fused “angel investing” with blockchain crowdfunding?

One great example of an entity which patronizes innovative new projects is Marsha Lion. The company helps startups find funding to get started. Having assembled a team of financially experienced experts, Marshal Lion is also more than ready to assist a project on the Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) or Security Token Offering (STO) market.

Despite their innovative nature, both of the above models ultimately derive from traditional markets. This means that the business experience, knowledge in risk management and a broad understanding of a breadth of business-related matters that the Marshal Lion team brings to the table is applicable in this situation as well. This expertise can make our break our project’s chances of receiving funding.

Worth mentioning, to allay your fears that Marshal Lion might want to use you as their guinea pig, the company itself is running its own IEO right now. Their token sale kicks off on the 30th of October and the Idax exchange is where you can find them. Thus, Marshal Lion allows investors of virtually any wealth to invest in their innovative new project.

Let us also add that the objective of the IEO is to facilitate a blockchain technology-based, easy-to-use and transparent digital platform which will enable Marshal Lion’s clients to easily, securely and quickly access the non-bank loans market for their own needs.

Thanks to the aforementioned, the company will gain a better understanding of the blockchain market and tokenization making its veracity that much more of a tried and true thing where it comes to IEO, ICO and STO.

A Startups Market of the Future

If we take a look at current market trends, we can conclude that tokenization will be at the base of any future startups markets as well as a means of acquiring funding for innovative new projects. Despite the fact that financing startups becomes easier with it, it is the people behind a project that are the decisive factor in its success or failure. For that reason, Marshal Lion’s offer is worth looking into since the company’s team and market experience remain its utmost priorities no matter what.




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Marshal issue objective is to create a blockchain-based platform that will grant investors easy, safe and comprehensive access to the non-bank lending market.