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The rapid growth of the blockchain technology has led to an outcropping of related advisory firms.

Small wonder: the market is very investor-friendly. The technology and innovation resulting from it can, however, prove rather complicated to laymen so this availability of advisory services is certainly a positive. How to pick a service that is right for you, though?

Bitcoin and the popularity of cryptocurrency

The first time blockchain was ever utilized was to form the foundation of bitcoin. Many people who entered the speculative profession when bitcoin’s price was rising also became active in the investment market. Unfortunately, a lot of these early speculators were not successful when it came to speculating on altcoins (cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin) whose prices were not nearly as reliable as bitcoin’s in their climb up. Many new projects flopped. There were also scams where individuals — often otherwise engaged in lawful economic activity — accepted investor’s money but did not reinvest it and the money simply disappeared.

The know-how

Many people involved in cryptocurrency are likely to tell you that knowledge is key in this industry. It is important to remember, however, that blockchain nowadays is not just cryptocurrency but also tokens — the result of tokenization. Additionally, white paper analysis is another skill that only some possess. A white paper is a document describing the projected path a project will take on its way to completion. At the end of that path is a product using its own tokens or a stable, fully functional cryptocurrency.

Importantly, these kinds of advisory services can not only help you invest in cryptocurrency and tokens but also issue your own tokens with varying functions. Industry experience is not enough here. You also need somebody with accounting, legal, marketing and many other forms of experience.

Keep in mind that a firm that has already tokenized itself is your best bet if tokenization is what you are in the market for.

Marshal Lion?

Marshal Lion, as an industry leader, can boast all of the above and more with its many years’ experience in multiple related areas. Marshal Lion will take care of your finances while helping you navigate the blockchain market as well as the banking, tax and bureaucratic systems. You will be able to withstand it all with Marshal Lion.

Marshal Lion’s objective is to tokenize the non-bank loans market.The hands-on experience gained in the process so far will be put at your disposal as a client and make Marshal Lion your guide and advisor — a trusted ally who will assist you as you go about investing in the projects important to you.

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Marshal Lion Group Coin

Marshal issue objective is to create a blockchain-based platform that will grant investors easy, safe and comprehensive access to the non-bank lending market.