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More and more companies come onto the market offering various kinds of financial services nowadays. Sadly, the safety of these services is often contestable especially when it comes to the loans market. In response, Marshal Lion offers as part of its lineup of products a loans service based on its team’s extensive experience and the remarkable tool called tokenization.

What is a loan?

When seeking financing for our project, the European market offers both natural persons and companies two avenues to choose from — a bank loan and a non-bank loan. A non-bank loan, as the name suggests, can be granted by a non-bank entity. A non-bank loan can also potentially be interest-free.

Although a loan is mostly related in our minds to monetary value, keep in mind that non-monetary items can also be covered by a loan contract.

When deciding to take out a loan, one must always check and double check about how and when the lender is to give us whatever they promised to lend us. When it comes to monetary loans, money can be given foregoing cash (bank transfer). The giving of the money or another article spoken of in the contract does not need to happen simultaneously with the signing of the contract. The contract can stipulate when the transfer of ownership will happen and, if it doesn’t, the time is decided by the specific country’s legal code.

As borrowers, we should know whether or not the contract mandates what purpose the loan will be used toward. If it does, and we spend the money on something else, the lender can exit the contract.

To sum up, the main purpose of a loan contract is the conference of value from the lender to the borrower and then the reverse when the loan is repaid. Importantly, the lender is made to return the same monetary amount (or the same number of items).

It does not have to be the exact same money (bills and coins) or items as long as they represent the same value.

The intricacies of non-bank loans

Non-bank loans, although less formalized and easier to secure than bank loans, carry a serious risk. Not reviewing our loan contract thoroughly can become a whole new problem rather than offering a solution to an already existing one. As has been stated above, loan contracts can differ widely between each other which offers many possibilities but also exposes us to abuse. This is why loans can be difficult for both the borrower and the lender. As a borrower, we must be wary of who our lender is and conversely — as a lender, we do not enjoy the borrower’s total trust. To be able to grant loans, one must first build sufficient trust with clients. Marshal Lion has as part of its portfolio clients representing the great cities of Poland Warsaw, Kraków, Łódź, Wrocław, Poznań and Gdańsk. Our accounting division can very accurately gauge the risk associated with the loans granted. It stands to reason then to enter into a partnership with a company with this much experience in the loans sector. In line with the “share your knowledge” principle, Marshal Lion is willing to share its knowledge with anybody who will have it through the blockchain technology and its own tokens.

What is tokenization?

To enjoy the returns from lucrative loan offers by Marshal Lion Group, one needs only participate in its IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) belonging to the ERC-20 standard. This IEO represents a special offer where tokens are sold off the Ethereum blockchain and then can be used by buyers to invest in Marshal Lion products or the company itself. The token additionally affords investors much greater transparency than what we are used to with these kinds of markets. The ERC-20 standard guarantees the security of the process. It is a collection of technical specifications governing how tokens are certified and what kinds of operations are permitted using them.

The new technologies bolstering the loans market allow for a quick and transparent means of financing your project. Crucially, Marshal Lion offers its services to both those needing a loan to optimize operations at their company and individuals who already have the capital but want to invest in the market without becoming a lender.

In closing, a quote by Naval Ravikant — founder of AngeList who tweeted about blockchain and token-based applications for business:

Blockchains will replace networks with markets. Humans are the networked species. The first to network across genetic boundaries and thus seize the world. Networks allow humans to co-operate and to allocate the fruits of our co-operation. It is this overlapping network that helps to create and organize society. Physical, digital, and mental roads connected us all together. Money is a network, religion is a network, a corporation is a network, roads are networks, electricity is a network, and all these networks must be organized according to rules. They require rulers to enforce these rules against cheaters.

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