Your Small Business Is Dying Without Social Media

If you’re a small brick and mortar, it’s more important than EVER for you to get active on social media IMMEDIATELY.

Ask yourself where your ideal customer is at? Instagram is good for local business.

So for example…

You could hop on Instagram and click the little magnifying glass and search your city.

Click on the ‘location’ tab and start scrolling the feed! Engage with your customers. Offer some free or discounted product or service.

The value is that they will want to post and share YOUR business.

Do this everyday. It’s tedious. It takes time. But we’re talking about the SURVIVAL of your business.

It’s the difference between lying awake at night, staring at the ceiling, wondering how many more months you have or sleeping peacefully knowing your family has EVERYTHING they need.

What are you willing to do? Social media gives you INCREDIBLE power. And it’s free to start. You just gotta start.

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