[SMMA] 10 Things Clients MUST Have For Me To Work With Them.

  1. They’re a service based business with a client lifetime value of $500per or higher.

2. They have been in business for more than three years.

3. They are already spending money on marketing.

4. They have at least one video, ANYWHERE online. (It shows they’re already understanding that video is important; which for you means less resistance)

5. Does the business have a prior customer base?

6. Are they at least on social media?

7. Are they a “know it all customer” (if they are, stay away)

8. Is there a sustainable market for their niche?

9. Is it the type of business where the client will retain you for at least six months?

10. Can you 3x their revenue?

If you can find customers out there who fit all ten of those (and there’s thousands of them), then you can charge $2k/mo+ just doing lead generation with Facebook Ads.

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