“I LOVE IT!” By Donald Trump Jr.
Allan Ishac

It’s not dirt if he says it’s not dirt.

Allan (and a few fringe individuals with a blog, newspaper, talk show, or global news network), you really haven’t been paying attention these last six months. Or you have been paying very close attention, but only to actions and statements. You totally missed their proper interpretation.

To end your misconception and propagation of erroneous viewpoints, please pay attention now. You are not qualified to interpret political actions or statements. Moreover, it’s not your job. We have a White House Press Secretary to tell you (and the world) how to interpret facts and alternative facts. We also have the President’s family, Ivanka pitchwoman Kellyanne Conway, and a few unnamed Russian operatives. Collectively they know the truth behind everything from the business-savvy president’s six bankruptcies to the foreign indebtedness shown on his hidden taxes to his Russian-assisted election. And they will happily tell you that truth, without any annoying independent thinking on your part.

So please don’t judge this administration by what it does or says or tweets. Leave the interpretation to the designated story-tellers. And don’t think I’m singling out you, Allan. This advice also applies to the small group of people at CNN, BBC, NPR, NY Times, LA Times, Politico, BuzzFeed, Fox News (when they send a girl reporter), foreign journalists (except Russians and Saudis), and Californians.

Perhaps now, relieved of the burden of analysis, you can share your opinions on something else. And Breitbart News is kind enough to tell you what those opinions are, and with whom you’re allowed to share them.

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