Disclaimer: I, too, have two daughters (luckily, a little farther apart, 13 and 6, so the oldest…
Marco Amado

Thanks Marco!

I’m glad I could make you and your wife smile. I don’t know if it’s a compliment or the opposite when she says Dark Daddy Humor “is so you.”

I wrote a Silicon Valley humor novel and a children’s book (no mention of “pussy” in that one) last year, and wanted to just keep writing something… and a friend turned me on to Medium. I pretty much write for myself, and am always thrilled when somebody else finds my misadventures funny.

And I’ve learned that all dads everywhere have those blended panic moments of

  1. Can’t believe me kid is doing this
  2. Even less believable that I’m responding this way
  3. Very believable wife will murder me when she finds out

Good luck in your parenting endeavors!