Putin Plays the Pawn Who Tweets

Trump plays checkers… until he starts to lose.

Then comes the predictable tantrum and he violently knocks the board off the table. Then he blames others for the mess, mouth foaming and eyes casting about for a weaker opponent to play next.

Meanwhile, Putin plays steely-eyed chess on a geo-political board with dedicated spies, currency, oil, and the pointy pieces of thermonuclear warfare.

Whether or not his hand is still on the piece, Putin has an unwitting pawn in our president. The republic is now placed “in check”, if only from increased division and chaos, if not from a feared penetration into the inner sanctum of intelligence.

Modern global gaming is about power and money, and historical ideology and propaganda are secondary tools. Putin is a king in our 21st century Game of Thrones, and a rarified global .01%-er.

Putin owns his Russian oligarchy. Putin is the king that Trump wishes he could be, a real billionaire who does not have to show his tax returns to his citizens.

We are being played…