6 Things You Need to Recover From Every Day
Benjamin P. Hardy

Thanks for the thoughtful piece! I had a fine mentor that used to break down the practical facets of health on a continuum, and your piece is much more specific and useful.

The “optimist” is not a naive rube who obtusely suffers from the triumph of hope over experience. The mature optimist is one who OPTIMIZES what can be understood and controlled, and then pragmatically evaluates and appreciates any progress.

Circumstances take a deep toll on the optimist’s options. I am curious about how you might expand the scope of your piece to be more universal. The piece could be viewed as being aimed at an audience of mostly single, young professionals with jobs and disposable incomes. (Hello, Medium!) To increase the utility, I would be very interested to see you further develop this concept to cover a much broader swath of humanity.

Humans are not usually empowered by time, money or circumstance to make progress on more than one front at a time. For the self-employed, there is the stress intensity continuum of too much work and too little work. The single parent with two minimum wage jobs and a sick parent of their own at home is unlikely to be able to make progress on more than one area at a time and may have to accept one step forward with five steps back for years, until circumstances change. How much “alone time” should you cultivate if you deeply value your marriage and also have a professional spouse who needs “alone time”? If I am one of the over 2 million American adults in prison, what is my takeaway?

Another thing to explore is priority. Is every facet equally valuable? If I can only control one or two in my life, is there a way to prioritize? Sensibly, most folks can only control a few of them at a time and perhaps one better enables a foundation for the others?

Just some food for thought before I start fasting!

Thanks again for the piece. MC

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