You Can’t Handle Truth
Mark Inman, Ph.D.

Thanks for this thoughtful article.

Artists are ever puzzled by survival and the question of how to monetize and popularize their work. It is the hellscape of existential compromise, and it extends to the domain of intellectual values as well.

Delving, as you do, into more complex and comparative thinking, you inspire a question: Can slow thinking about complex solutions be popularized and monetized?

Historically, it seems that only a few humans are ever inspired or entertained by thinking, while the majority are subjects of unwitting fate in the intellectual slipstream of power brokers, entertainers and the occasional philosopher king. Perhaps, like the idealistic artist or the politician who must compromise their ideals as they climb the political career ladder, the intellectual must compromise by converting frunstration with the IQ-impaired, to pragmatic understanding and then to optimal strategy.

How can understanding systems and the truths within be monetized?

Looking forward to your next piece!