Leap of Faith

End Sanctuary cities. We must re-establish our faith and commitment to the rule of law. Our constitution guarantees protections to our citizens and believe it or not, those that do us harm.

Lets call it out for what it is. Islamic extremism. It feeds on fear. So let’s talk about it and overcome this fear together as a country. United under God. Regardless of which religion you practice.

This is a real danger that must not be misconstrued as an effort to destroy America, but rather an effort to destabilize the world. These people aren’t just a threat to America, but a threat to all peoples of this world. These perverse false prophets exploit the fact that the world is modernizing and that the Islamic religion has failed to undergo a reformation that addresses the culture clash. We must fight back.

Let’s trust our politicians to, through democratic discussions, establish policies that respect the rule of law. Immigrants competing for resources are not the issue here. Lack of empathy and compassion to manage these resources might be the issue.

We have lived and learned as a country. Let us continue this trend.

What we learned is that torture doesn’t work and President-elect Trump agrees. Let us come together and acknowledge this common ground and empower our American desire for diplomacy.