GoldReward and Kingcash, who is better ?

Firstly, congrats to those who invested in #GRX and currently it has made a significant move on exchange. However, it has some weaknesses that we could easily figure out :

  1. It is very heavy to be flying hard like other.
  2. People hold most of tokens on the market.
  3. GRX may not allow investors to send tokens directly to the exchange (external), cause if they do that, GRX will go back to the starting point.
  4. GRX will force their investors to do lending first, if there is a significant percentage of investors do lending, they may be allowing investors to send tokens to external exchanges and start holding on that.

But, no one can deny that, GRX has a very good community out there.

Now I am going to make a comparison for both of these ICOs, this is very important for late investors to consider.

As we can see from the official thread of KingCash :

Only 4.35m #KCP tokens will be sold out for contributors, it makes up for 20% of the total. While we can see GRX with thousands whales, cause GRX sold out 85% of the total supply, if there is no lending program, there will be a hard dump and investors will run away after taking profit.

Mathematically, it is a good signal from KingCash as they are striving to stabilize the market instead of letting whales and pumpers control the market. This is the point.

Also, KingCash has a long preparation for over 1 month, it’s definitely not for a gamble like other scam ICOs who run right after created the site.

KingCash is a promising one

KingCash has Indian, American and Singaporean communities in public already.

To sum up, this is my point of view about KingCash. You should do your own research, it can be true or false depending on everybody’s opinion. But I will surely invest some in KingCash.


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