A New Way of Being & Believing

Religion, philosophy, spirituality, and intuition. These four things are a dynamic, confusing, and possibly opposing combination. Since I was 16 years old I’ve wondered if the four can actually live in harmony. Can I be religious but still follow my intuition? Can I be spiritual without being religious? Is it ok that I’m a black Catholic girl that has a copy of the Hindu scriptures, Bhagavad Gita (I bought this when I was 18, and hoped my mom wouldn’t find it)? I was worried about the questions that would naturally arise. I didn’t want anyone to ask me what I believed in, because I had no idea what I believed. All I knew was that there was more for me to learn. What I had learned all my life, and throughout my Catholic school education, was just one piece of a much bigger picture.

Is being and believing in a way that feels good, authentic, and expansive to me personally, a crazy thing to actually try to pursue in my lifetime? There have been a few times where I’ve thought I should just stick to the script. Imagine this for one second, God himself calling down from the sky saying, “Pick a religion and stick with it… and it better be Christianity!” This didn’t really happen to me obviously, but that’s kind of what it felt like at some points, especially when I was interested in religions that were fundamentally different than what I grew up with. Why am I seeking something that’s “new” and “just” for me? Who am I to create some weird sacrilegious hodgepodge of beliefs and practices that resonate with me and call it spirituality? It’s crazy and probably a waste of time. Worst of all, it could cost me my soul, depending on who you ask *shrugs while rolling eyes*. It’s important for me to share the inner dialogue I had during my younger years because I know that there are many people who have experienced a yearning for more, more knowledge, and more freedom of expression. Many people, including myself at one point, need the permission to explore in the direction they feel called to. So here I am. If you’ve been needing someone to tell you you’re not a freak, I’m your girl. You’re not weird, and you’re not wasting your time. You’re potentially saving yourself from a lifetime of constraints, dogma, and that feeling of something isn’t quite right, something’s missing. Your exploration guided by your desires, interest, and intuition, will lead you to exactly what you need. This has been my experience, and I hope that you will allow it to be yours too. If you’re worried about the fate of your soul, give it a chance to show you the way, the way that’s right for you.

My 10 year journey of researching, not researching, studying, not studying, practicing, and not practicing, has lead me to one realization. There can be a new, different, and in my personal experience, a better way of being and believing. It’s the biggest disservice ever, to not witness all that has come before us. There is an infinite amount of knowledge and wisdom that is available to us via our intuition, and ancient and modern teachings, and spiritual practices. The most amazing and life changing thing about this realization is that it allows us to choose. What’s stopping you from exploring what you feel called to learn about? What’s stopping you from picking up that book that’s the opposite of what you’ve come to believe in, but something about it is pulling you closer and it’s exciting? The choice is yours. You can take what resonates with you and leave the rest. You can do this in your own way, with respect and awareness of the cultural and social aspects that are weaved throughout many religions, and spiritual practices. You can create a way of being and believing that works for you, that makes you better, that allows you to have a more joyous, peaceful, and expansive life right now. You can create something that supports your growth. My intention with my writing is to share metaphysical, religious, and spiritual teachings and practices that will give you access and insight to the stuff that dreams are made of. The dream of living, believing, and practicing in a way that’s authentic to you. I will also share pragmatic techniques that have helped me, and how the application of certain techniques can be beneficial to you. This is all about waking up to the truth that a new day is here, and you can do anything and everything on your own terms.

— Sara

Exploring ancient & modern knowledge & wisdom to create a personal spiritual practice that’s expansive and authentic. B.A in Philosophy, write,believe,receive.

Exploring ancient & modern knowledge & wisdom to create a personal spiritual practice that’s expansive and authentic. B.A in Philosophy, write,believe,receive.