O Say Can You See?

USMNT & The Outlaws Give America More Than We Bargained For

At this World Cup, I saw in our nations Team what I hope to see follow in our future. Instead of pretending we were the best, we saw something we weren’t good at, and we worked at it.

Brave young men with fresh perspectives teamed together with veterans to build something for our country, and they inspired the rest of us to show up in droves to support. We gave up telling people we were the best, and started showing them how good we were.

We earned respect from the international community, instead of demanding it. At the end of it, we still aren’t the best. But we forged something worth caring for and building on with grit and hard work. We fought until the bitter end, and then fought some more. May the rest of us follow that shining example. As one commentator put it, “these Americans just don’t know when to give up.” You’re damn right we don’t.