Signs of autumn

The days are shorter.
The air smells earthy.
School buses rumble by.

It rained the other day. A gentle rain, not the cold, drenching, windblown downpours of November. Those are serious rains — I love them. But in December, they turn to snow, and empty grocery shelves, and everyone gets a little nutty.

Honeycrisp apples are back.
M&M’s have donned their seasonal attire.
Pumpkin spice is everywhere.

My dog loves to chase the fallen leaves. Not too many yet. Just the sallow victims of the hot summer.

This is autumn in Australia.

I love this time of year, though it is tinged with personal loss.

On a lighter note, the season taught me “farm to table.”

I was spending time with Country Boy, who lived in a lovely home nestled among thickly wooded acres. I watched the foliage change colors, while CB prepared creative meals plucked (pun intended) from the wild. Quail with the buckshot still lodged in its skin. Duck that hours before had paddled in a pond. Rabbit that had hopped down the bunny trail. “You might want to enter the house through the front door,” CB warned. A deer was undressed and lounging in the garage. Broccoli was looking better and better.