State-of-the-Art Trends in Mobile App Development

Mobile Development is undoubtedly one of the most actively expanding sectors. Around 179 billion application download yearly. Generally, the mobile app market is conquered by social media app, Google apps, gaming app etc. various companies are starting using mobile application for expanding their market, improving their customer engagement.

Not only big brands small business are also using this trend for branding and marketing. An outstanding mobile app development requires an advancement of technology to vision, strategy for growing their business in future. Here in this blog, we have some latest trend of mobile app development have a look:

Wearable Devices

In 2016, around 101.9 million wearable devices were shipped. Smart wearables like Microsoft’s hololens and Apple watch indicate an upcoming transformation in computing and transaction from basic to smart wearables.

This provides an opportunity for app developers, vender’s accessory makers. Smartphones will become the hub of a personal area including of wearable gadgets like smart jewellery, display devices (Google glass), smart watches etc.

These devices interconnect with a mobile application to supply information in a new manner. It influences the next generation of mobile app development strategies.

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Analysts believe that if the adoption of m-commerce is increased by the user in that manner this will definitely increase the trend over next 4 years. The popularity of google wallet and Apple Pay helps in accelerating the purchase to using mobile phones.

For that, it is also required that developer creates a mobile application that can process the transaction without debit/credit or cash. This combination gives the new shape to the payment process. Apart from predictive analytics and data collection, wearables playing a prominent role in future of mobile payment and customer loyalty.

Enterprise Mobile Management

EMM is the collection of people, processes, and technology using mobile computing for simplifying their business. The main feature of EMM is security, application or financial management.

This feature also consists mobile application management, mobile device management, and some features of enterprise file sharing and synchronization.

These tools develop in scope and deliver a wide range of mobile management requirement in overall recognized operating systems on tablets, smartphones, and PCs. It also presents the future convergences and evolution of various mobile management, support technologies, and security.

Innovative Mobile User Experience Design

A popular mobile application company requires an effective display of content and data on your mobile user interface for the excellent user interface. The various organization has created their new pattern representing interactive interface and intuitive design.

Now, the application designer which adjusts mobile challenges like an interruption and partial user attention. Mobile Application use technologies with their unique feature like circular design patterns interactive content layer, and management of content.

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These elements build an augmented reality by permitting the consumer to directly interact with the content for more information. These applications are setting high standards for excellent user interface and all associations should work with new work and skills to fulfill the expectation of users.

Application Performance Management

In App testing, there are two main factors that direct to performance bottlenecks these are non-deterministic nature of the mobile network. However, monitoring tools and mobile metrics jointly known as APM (Application Performance Management) it has increased the quality and testing assurance.

It offers the visibility into app behaviours, it delivers statistics which help in adopting OSs and devices and also monitor the user behaviours to verify that which app features are being successfully exploited.

This tool helps in facing challenges to offer real performance benefits across the system with virtual parameters. Business requires tools which help in monitoring the resources used by the applications, which support performance with business processes and associate that data with meaningful user insight.

The mobile application is the important part of the digital ecosystem. The proficiencies required in developing apps are on a hike than ever. So business should be updated with these trends to line up their app development strategies.