All I can do

I have no control over those people, even though they’re very close with me. All I can do is making them walk with me or trying to walk together with them (if it’s possible), in the same direction, so we will arrive to the same arrival point. And also, pray for them. Pray for the ones you love, God will deliver the waves. As a tuning fork which will vibe when the other fork with the same frequency vibes. Resonance will happen only if they have same frequency. The frequency is set by Him. It’s out of our control. Working and praying, that’s all I can do. I’m sorry but that’s the maximum effort of me. If I’m asked to do more than this, which is not right, I won’t do it. Even I really want it, but my desires won’t ever break my walls. Yes, I built that wall, as my protection, and it’s very important in life to have that wall. I’m open minded but I’m not a free thinker. I have guidance, limitations, rules, and I’m comfortable with it. Thank you for understanding me.

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