10 Realistic Starbucks Drinks for Parents

When my kids were little, I had a routine of having a drip coffee at around 5 or 6 p.m. I used to call it my “Make It Through Bedtime” coffee, because without it I would have passed out during the first few words of “Goodnight Moon.” Later it amped up to a cappuccino and became known as my “Get Through the Night” coffee and was essential for making sure I didn’t fall asleep at the dinner table or before I had time to help conjugate verbs.

Now that my kids are grown, it’s a double macchiato and I just called it my “I Can Drink Coffee Any Damn Time I Want To,” for obvious reasons. It got me thinking that it would help parents out if Starbucks drinks had more realistic names. For example:

1. The ‘Newborn’ / Double Latte

Since you’ve only had 15 minutes of sleep in the past two days, you’ll require lots of help staying up, but still need the calcium. This will always be in a to-go cup, because you won’t be relaxing in a coffee shop anytime in the near future.

If this hasn’t put you to sleep read the rest of the story here.