Beyoncé’s Bangs and 7 Other Times We Got Upset When Celebrities Changed Their Look

A few days ago Beyoncé cut her bangs, and we are not taking it very well.

Blue Ivy’s mom had the nerve to change her hairstyle, and we all rolled our eyes and acted like she’d shaved her head and tattooed it with a hand giving us the middle finger. There’s even a theory that it’s some sort of hidden message to Jay Z. I think this is crazy, unless the hidden message is, “Hey Jay Z, I want you to see more of my forehead.”

We, the public, don’t like it when our beloved celebrities alter their appearance. Some of the harshest criticism is launched at celebrity moms and dads. It’s almost as if we expect parents to look and act a certain way all the time. “Stop working on your look and pay attention to carpool.” (By the way I’m betting Blue Ivy thinks Bey’s bangs are FLAWLESS.)

Here are a few other instances where celebrities have come under fire for changing up their look:

1. Jon Hamm’s Beard

“Mad Men” fans freaked the freak out when their beloved Don Draper started showing up in public with hair all over his face last year and the angry mobs were about to descend upon him with their Lady Schicks and Barbasol. But the actor had a simple explanation for it. “I love not shaving,” he said. And with that, I forgave him and let him come back to bed.

Fascinated? Well, you can still read the rest of the story here.

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