I’ll Never Throw Away The Baby Things. Ever.

I was talking to another mom a few weeks ago, and she was telling me about a big box in her closet filled with baby things that she could never part with because of the sweet memories attached to them. I nodded in agreement but was too embarrassed to tell her exactly how much I related to her dilemma, since I have not one, but FOUR big boxes of keepsakes tucked away in my own closet at home.

It’s true, I have both of my daughters’ first onesies, a few of their favorite dresses and an assortment of eating utensils I can’t throw away because they remind me of those cherished years (yes, I washed the spoons before putting them away — I’m not a savage.) There’s an entire box of preschool art projects and schoolwork, restaurant placemat drawings and I think a ridiculous amount of stuffed animals.

I say “I think” because I haven’t actually looked in these boxes for years — I can’t physically get to them because of all the boxes of other mementos from my girls’ elementary, middle school and high-school years.

Recently I confessed to a friend about my hoarding, I mean, preserving, and she looked at me with a look of both concern and disgust and said, “Saving a few things is normal. Saving boxes and boxes… Well…” She didn’t finish her sentence, and just motioned the waiter over to bring us some refills on our wine.

Unfortunately, my husband feels the same way. He’s a patient man, but a few months ago when were attempting to clean out a closet and he had taken down the third box marked “Baby Things” he wearily asked me, “Do we need to save all of their socks?” I pointed out that I wasn’t saving all of them, only the 10 or 12 really cute pairs that reminded me of their precious little feet. Then I told him to get back to work, that closet wasn’t going to clean itself.

The truth is, I have no intention of getting rid of these treasures.

Before you judge me, read the rest of the story here. (You’ll still judge me.)

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