Malia Obama — and My Daughter — Are Taking Gap Years So Calm Down

My daughter has a lot of things in common with Malia Obama. No, my kid’s dad isn’t the President of the United States, and her mom — while still a lady, ahem — isn’t the First Lady. But both teens are finishing their last year of high school and will turn 18 this coming July (they were born just two weeks apart.) Both have been buried in the college application and selection process for the past few months. They would both like to be filmmakers.

And now they’re both taking gap years.

I told an acquaintance recently that my daughter would be taking a year off after graduating in June, and she gave me a puzzled look and then said, “So she’s going to fool around for 12 months?” I told her that was a ridiculous and unfair assumption, that she’d only be fooling around for 11 months and for the final four weeks we’d insist she do something productive like raid recycling bins or write letters to lonely prisoners.

It turned out fine — really! Read the rest of the story here.

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