So Ikea Can Fix Your Marriage Now

Last summer my daughter and I went to Ikea to buy a bookcase for her room. After that, I figured we’d go about the usual routine that we’d followed for the 500 other items we’ve bought from Ikea over the years: Lug it home, drag it into the living room and then my husband and I would argue over who had to put it together.

So what a surprise when I came home the next day and found that my daughter’s then-boyfriend had assembled the entire thing, installed the drawers and carried it into her room. They’re no longer together, but I still think of his willingness that day to tackle the Kallax shelf unit — and its 67 bolts, 45 wooden pegs and tiny Ikea wrench. It was an act of pure love.

But many Ikea stories don’t end happily. In fact, a trip to the Swedish retailer will often test a relationship. How long can you wander through the seemingly endless maze of Klippan loveseats and Färgrik mugs with your partner before you have a screaming match and end your day with a silent meatball dinner?

So now Ikea would like to use its products to help mend relationships, whether they’re with your spouse, partner, child or friends. In a new ad campaign called “Retail Therapy,” the furniture retailer pairs commonly searched relationship questions in Sweden with some of their products that could “fix” the problem.

Put down your tiny wrench and read the rest of the story here.

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