That Time My Teen Daughter Got a Tattoo

I remember watching a show years ago on MTV about extreme fans, and there was an episode that featured a 14-year-old that was obsessed with Gwen Stefani. One scene showed this girl’s parents taking her to a salon to have her hair dyed pink, just like Gwen’s. My daughters were toddlers at the time, and I recall thinking all sorts of judgmental thoughts about these parents — what kind of monsters let their kid do that to their hair? If I wasn’t so busy making homemade baby food and washing my cloth diapers by hand, I would have called CPS immediately.

Flash-forward to when my oldest daughter turned 13, and all she wanted for her birthday was to bleach the ends of her shoulder-length locks.

What a difference 10 years makes, since I gave her the go-ahead without a second thought. By this time I had come to realize that the color of my kid’s hair was the least of my worries — that innocent show about extreme fans on MTV had given way to “Teen Mom,” and I knew I was lucky that my sweet girl wasn’t asking for maternity jeggings and the spare room for her baby daddy.

And besides, I told myself, at least she wasn’t asking for a tattoo.

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