KKK Change of Heart

Only God can change a habitual racist. That is why the power of prayer is so effective. In the coming weeks, I will share a few secrets, which are close to my heart. As a little boy, back in 1975, I lost my younger brother to what I believed to be the Klan. This accusation quickly spread throughout our small community. I was only ten years old, and my heart was easily hardened. I hated the white race with a passion. No one had to tell me who the bad guys were, I knew for myself. But thanks be to God, I changed. It did not happen over night. It took days, and months. I secretly lived with this monster for years. I discovered, I can’t control how others see me, but I can control how I respond. Change is hard, but possible, if we just believe.

So, who is responsible for racism in America? Are we still holding on to the past? Is it the issues we face today? The flag, the anthem, and police brutality. Hey brother, I feel ya. So, who do we blame? Some say, blame God for our misfortunes? Certainly not. We can’t blame such a loving God. I am talking to my race, the black race. What is really stopping us from being who God expects us to be? Who is the guilty culprit? Is it Satan? Of course its Satan. He wants us to hate, he is the author of confusion, the liar of all liars. God wants us to love. He wants us to be the bigger people. With that, I mean, even though we are looked upon as second class citizens by some, we must rise. We must rise above bigotry. Remember, we are Christians first.

All men are created equal. The key word here is created. We are all created by the same God. I am proud of my heritage but I am also ashamed of those who hold on to this idea of hate. That makes us equal to our enemy. God said to love our enemies. He did not say be equal with them. There are many white people who are shamed by the ignorance within their race. Many are seen apologizing, on behalf of their white brothers racist antics. There are many that do not associate themselves with ignorance.

We must look at this world with optimism. Is the glass half empty, or is it half full? There is hope. Do I believe racism will vanish? Absolutely not. It will be here until Jesus comes back. I challenge you to be the face of hope in your community. Be the light in a such a dark world. We can heal wounds, and mend relationships, one individual at a time. In the end, God receives the glory.

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