Quiero reflexionar sobre los temas que me mueven hoy. Dejar registro de como estoy enfocando mi creatividad en estos días de tanto reajuste colectivo.

Soy Mar Sierra, nací en México, ciudadana del mundo, artista, poetiza del cuerpo, practicante de Embodiment, estudiosa de la consciencia y la salud integral, diseñadora y directora creativa.

Diseño y facilito experiencias de transformación en forma de clases, conferencias, retiros en la naturaleza, talleres de liderazgo para empresas, y recién lancé VESSEL un curso online de 1 mes para acompañar a mujeres creativas con prácticas de bienestar para el autoconocimiento.

¿Porqué hago todo esto?

El planeta nos lleva pidiendo un cambio radical. Muchos ya lo sabíamos y llevamos muchos años anticipando el colapso y preparándonos para la transición a un nuevo paradigma. El COVID-19 vino a acelerar la urgencia de esta transición. Y yo busco contribuir con mi creatividad al cambio de paradigma.

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I read the article, ‘Your brain does not function like a computer’ published by Aeon, as I prepare to launch two retreats in the next few months. One in the the Pacific ocean another one in the megalopolis of Mexico city.

In this radical article about how we are overusing technology metaphors to describe how our mind and body works, it made me reflect on what kind of language I’m using during my classes. And what metaphors I use to talk about the emotional memory stored in our bodies.

I’m currently living in the same apartment where I experienced the terrible earthquake of 1985 when I was just a toddler. Thousands of people died and the city crumbled. 32 years later, another earthquake shocked the city on the exact same 16-September, and the sense of inhabiting a place with ancient memories haunts me until today. …

I love words and I respect them for their power to deliver messages. Some words are meant to be kept secret, others are for lovers, or for daughters. These words were meant to be read by a hypnotherapist, yet now, they want to travel far and expose their truth to you.

Throughout my life I’ve searched for tools to help me wake up, be more free and choose to lead a more conscious and creative life. I’ve been conjuring pieces of a big secret, and now I want to share with you part of this process. No more secrecy. No more hiding behind the fear of being judged or misunderstood. …

I find myself in between worlds. After months of living in Berlin deepening the wisdom of the body during a dance intensive training, I learned to exercise the most uncomfortable muscle, that of unknowing. Learning to rearrange the body with full awareness despite complex situations in the context of dance improvisation. And I ask myself, how is this ‘body intelligence’ relevant during times of uncertainty and political crisis? Apparently, dance is only a training for ‘real life’.

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During my time in Berlin, I spent months of precious creative solitude, where I kept a close observation of the cycles of death and rebirth, both inside of me and in the social structures around us. I constantly feel a deep sorrow for the global environmental crisis, and the horrors likely to be committed under President Trump incite a fear of massive chaos and collapse of the status quo. There is a collective feeling of dissolution of the old order and anticipation of something new is slowly emerging in the sidelines. …

I ask myself why is it that a ‘movement apasionada’ like me continues to work as a designer in tech? How am I applying my skills purposefully?

How do I reconcile my passion for being in the body, constantly in motion and flow, with a profession that requires a lot of sitting hours, behind the computer, and a lot of thinking? hours and hours of processing data, researching, reading, synthesizing, ideating, clustering, testing, validating. For what? What comes out of the work I do? How will my actions become memorable? How will this work impact people’s lives?

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I didn’t know right away when I started working in tech. …

A story of how individual healing can help us embody a more conscious & pluralistic society

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I felt really connected to the celebration of International Women’s day this year, as I’ve taken the quest of becoming a woman really seriously. …

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Popocateptl e Iztacchihuatl, the two warrior volcanoes that guard Mexico City.

Design is where sustainability begins. Business innovation will makes sense when creating sustainable value, one that is regenerative, restorative and responds to meaningful and real human needs.

This is the major takeaway I learned while studying Sustainable Life during my Design Strategy MBA at California College of the Arts , 2013.

I believe sustainability will be a reality when we learn to create paradigm shifts in our language / media. The course gave me perspective and bases on how to make sustainability a reality, a responsibility and a question of awareness, coherence, storytelling, decision-making and small internal changes (whether personal habits or organizational architectural improvements). These are some of the learnings I had:


We’re destroying the ability of the earth to provide life. We have the intellectual capacity of cognitive awareness, of understanding our impact on others and of understanding ourselves as part of a system. Our role as conscious human beings is to design better feedback loops that have adaptive capacities, to improve and maintain the structures that regenerate and create life.

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Life is a series of collisions with the future; it is not the sum of what we have been, but what we yearn to be.

__ Jose Ortega y Gasset

I recently met a man that told me he’s been writing a story about me (without actually ever meeting me before). In his book, he has constructed a fictitious character of the life of a woman who lives in San Francisco, named Mari. She’s one of those people who have decided to believe that everything she can imagine becomes real. And she takes her dreams really seriously.

Seriously, how can this be? Can his words have a premonition effect in my life? Or will my existence shift the course of the story he is writing? …

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Root and sprout, cousins of the same principle. From the series #naturamorta by Sierra y Mar

This winter, I was called to travel to Berlin and share shamanism in a practical way, ancient tools for the modern lifestyle. As part of the philosophy incubator Wisdom Hackers, I co-created a 6-week curricula at Agora collective, to sample different shamanic rituals to empower urban nomads with energy practices and creative meditations to feel grounded and in tune with our inner wisdom.

It is common through out my path that I am in a position of teaching what I need to learn. These practices are not something you get on a text book or learn them on a workshop, it’s purely trusting the inner capacity that ‘senses’ what the group needs and how to stimulate in them an inquiry, an investigation of their imagination, of their embodied experience, a remembrance of a mystical state connected with nature, a nostalgia for magic, an utter respect to the message from the silence.

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Treasure found while in the Amazon, Brazil 2015. From the series #naturamorta by Sierra y Mar


These days I’m starting a new design project to articulate the vision and brand identity for a retreat center and healing space in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

I’ve been exploring what language to use to encompass the integrative nature of the several alternative medicine practiced at the center, which span from Acupuncture, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Anthroposophy, Breathwork, Moving meditation and detox juicing. Essentially, the premise of these millenary practices is that they promote self-awareness by engaging mind, body and spirit.

They believe that our emotions have a direct impact on our physical health, and through a series of habits, daily practices and self-knowledge tools, the patient can regain a better understanding of the causality of their sickness and reclaim balance from within. …


Mari Sierra

Designing change from within | Teaching Artist, Embod the Future as a Global Citizen | www.marisierra.com | insta love @marisierra_

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