What we are doing collectively now is shaping the concepts so they can attach themselves to people’s existing modes of thought as old stories break down in their lives. This is a multifaceted, multicultural process that will have many names, many stories, and a few overarching concepts. I offer the transition beyond the historic period of imperial conquest as one of the ways to organize our concepts for history in this great transition we are now in
I’ve thought a lot about this and am of two minds — on the one hand, we need concrete descriptors…
Joe Brewer

I love what you are naming here Joe. Totally feel the great transition rapidly accelerating. The feeling is overwhelming with joy and possibilities. And yet, completely disturbing because it represents terrains that have never been explored. I know I gather energy before manifestation, the blue hand storm according to the mayan calendar. And I’m committed to continue to share pieces of new stories that inspire and propel my understanding towards new futures.

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