Day 14: Chillin’ like a villian

After my body woke me up at 6ish, I took my meds (it’s around the right time for me to take it in the states) and got a message from my aunt to take a nice beach walk. Mane, that view is gorgeous. Since we were there after the sun rise, we missed all the photographers. They were leaving with their tripods in hand. My aunt and I strolled down the beach and took in the sun. My other aunt (I’ll call her Aunt 2) came over to Aunt 1's (I don’t want to use their names…but using numbers is weird too) house and we had coffee and toast…mmmmm. It’s this garlic spread that is super tasty :)

Afterwards, I returned to aunt 2 and she left for work. I hung out and took a short shower and washed my medicine bag. After reorganizing some more, I headed to aunt 1. They live up the street so it’s not bad but that hill…

I mainly chilled at home. They basically want me to rest my feet. My aunt 2 keeps mentioning my feet looks swollen which I’m not sure about lol. After aunt 1 made dinner, we headed to pick up my cousin from work (she works at a fancy nursing home). once we dropped her off, aunt 1 and I went to the mall near Hornsby. I was getting so drowsy and fell asleep lol.

Once we got to the mall, we headed for lunch! I had sushi and Hero Sushi. They had the sushi train! So a sushi train is basically just that. The plates of different kinds of on a conveyor belt and you pay per plate of sushi. We roamed the mall and then headed to grandpa’s.

sushi train coming through!

He’s doing well today. He’s eating a lot. My aunt was talking about his fall and condition. The stories about him climbing on things made the mood a little less sad. It’s hard to be there and not feel the need to cry. And the guilt of not being there (especially for my dad) really hits you. Any way, it’s all good.

We headed home and both aunts and the family had homemade bun rieu for dinner. I was still full from lunch so I wanted a small bowl, but the small bowl was still too much. Add fruits for dinner and I was stuffed. They like to feed me til I puke!

Bun rieu…the green stuff is rau muon or Ipomoea aquatica…

Now I’m just chilling with the cousins watching the kardasians lol

And now I’m back in my bed! Early morning since we’re picking up my parents soon! Also, I am tanning so badly here. I don’t like getting tan that much because I get super dark which makes me hotter (temperature wise ;)) and sweatier. Annnd I have gained weight and I am unhappy about it :(. It’s only been 2 weeks! Sigh….I’m off to bed in my Justin Beiber jogger pants now…

Bye y’all!

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