Day 25/26/27: What day is it anymore?

I feel like I’ve been here forever! I think because it doesn’t feel like a vacation but more of hanging out with family every day lol. My aunt, parents, and I went to Bankstown to eat pho! Pho An is one of the most popular pho places here. It was pretty good but it’s not as great as I remember.

We explored banks town and my aunt hai shopped for some groceries for the day. We would walk two steps and she would dash into a store lol. My dad and I would laugh at that. I had expressed that we should’ve gotten these awesome trolley that everyone has for groceries. Apparently my cousin Dee won’t let her get one because she’s not old enough for it lol. I totally want one though for myself!

Next we went to Costco! The Costco here is amazing because the seafood and meat is fresher. We got some wagyu beef for dinner. There was some lamb cutlets that my dad kept eyeing. There was 4 packages of cutlets. We rolled around again and there was 2 so we grabbed one. We assumed it’ll be enough since I counted it with two per person. When we got out to pay, my aunt was saying how much my cousins love it! My dad and I were laughing because we thought they wouldn’t.

Then it was the hospital! Aunt sue was doing well. She had just moved down to the normal room once we got there. She is doing better and her spine and ribs are healing well.

Once we got home, we were going to go eat Turkish food, but then they changed their minds and wanted to eat at home. We ended up eating Thai food at house of Thai. The food was pretty good but I’ve had better when I was there.

That’s basically it!

Bye yall.

Day 26 is another day! We went to go visit aunt sue first. Doing much better. The hospital’s food is actually pretty decent there. My aunt really liked all the stuff my other aunt and I picked for her. They give her a list of stuff to choose from for her meals the next day. Lots of options! Oh and her accident was in the Manly Daily..smh lol.

We then headed to Macquarie Mall to try to find a dress for my mom for the sister’s wedding. My mom is particular about clothes so it can be difficult to find things for her to wear. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find anything nice for her but there’s always time.

For lunch, we ate at an aussie place in the mall. We had a fish burger and lamb. The roll I had wasn’t that great at all unfortunately. I also grabbed a frozen coke (yum!) and my dad was trying to find some gingerbeer. My parents love the bundaberg ginger beer here. It tastes a lot better than gingerale because of the real ginger taste. We looked everywhere in that food court and none of them sold it. I did see someone with it but wasnt sure where he got it from lol. We also sat near the ice rink inside the mall. I’ve never actually seen an ice rink so it was pretty awesome to me!

Cat outfit at H&M (far right)

We continued to shop and then headed to my grandfather’s place. He was sleepy and I think he had a cold because he had socks on and was coughing a lot. It’s harder for me to be there because I don’t want to see him like this. And it’s even harder because my dad and aunt talks about how they need to prepare for this year or early next year….

Anywho! We left and headed home to cook some dinner. We had the kobe beef, lamb cutlets, and banh uot for dinner. My aunt hai is very particular with the salt and tends to not too much in whereas my dad puts enough for flavor. Although my aunt is pretty awesome, she can be scary sometimes and restricts my dad’s cooking in the kitchen. He asked me to get some salt to add more salt to the steak but since I didn’t know where, I asked my cousin Lou. Lou then goes and yells out to his mom (aunt hai) for the salt. BUSTED! I said my dad wanted more salt but she told him there was enough but he said it was for something else lol. It was funny because Lou knew his mom was particular about cooking and won’t let anyone do anything. My dad and I would laugh and I would tell him it’s “his sister” to deal with lol. Here’s dinner!

Yum! I then walked home to Aunt Sue’s (before I realized I had forgot my meds! but it was too late).

End! Bye yall!

Day 27 is just a normal day for me now. It involves the same things. Thus I combine some days together in posts.

I woke up super early and had to get my cousin to drop off my medication syringes. Then I tried to get back to sleep for about another hour. Today is my parents last day so they’re busy packing and planning stuff. I helped pack some things and brought stuff for them to bring home. My aunt and parents were making some things to bring home with them (shrimp, fish, etc). My uncle (sue’s) came over and brought some things and chatted and grabbed some udon noodles aunt hai made before he visited aunt sue in the hospital. We also were looking through my late great aunt’s old cookbook. Secret family recipes! So exciting! I’ve never had any family recipes to carry on. For breakfast, I had leftovers banh uot :). It’s actually one of my favorites so I didn’t mind.

After dropping Dee off from work, we headed to the hospital to visit. Aunt sue is doing well. She can go up to the bathroom herself and doing really well. She’ll be able to come home soon enough. She was also able to FaceTime with my sister so I think she was happy lol

Then we were off to the nursing home. He was talking a lot more today. He was a little more alert. My aunt told him we were here and if he was happy and he was, which is good. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t repeating what we’re saying. He had a moment of clarity I think. One of the nurses came in and told us stories. He’s about 85 now but when he first came here, his balance was great and he used to climb things in the nursing home. My grandfather used to be an electrician and my dad said he used to climb and jump on ladders. He probably thought he was still young lol. The nurse said he had broken over 10 chairs because he climbed on them! Eventually they had to remove those tables (like the picture) because they didn’t want him to fall.

He would climb on this sometimes

And then off we went! We stopped by the store so my parent’s can get some bread and vegemite to bring home. Vegemite is actually pretty tasty. For dinner, we had the family and two family friends for soup dumplings at New Shanghai. I had been waiting to get my hands on some soup dumplings!

For dessert, we went to Passion tree and got the Watermelon Bingsoo. Basically, it’s half a seedless watermelon, with watermelon ice, watermelon balls, and ice cream. It was delicious and pricy ($20 aud)!

Sorry my posts are repetitive and kinda short/lame. It can be tiring blogging with everything especially with a similar routine. Anywho, apologies for spelling mistakes! Too lazy to proofread!

Bye yall!