Day 31/32: Rain, rain go away…

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Autumn here. It’s rainy and a bit chilly. My day has been very uneventful. I woke up and Facetimed with the family at Aunt Hai’s house. I got to see the kids :). Then I just mainly watched youtube videos. I wished I had brought my laptop to plan my Europe trip. I have planned absolutely NOTHING for it and slightly panicking. We picked up my Uncle Sue and then headed to the hospital. At the hospital, we saw a few friends of theirs. There was a woman there who I met a couple of years ago and she was talking about how different I look. There was also a little boy there who was very adorable. He kissed my Aunt Sue’s hand and when her hospital food came, he was like “My food!”.

For lunch we had sushi! I love having the sushi train because I can just pick whatever and watch it move!

Sushi Train

We then headed to the nursing home. Grandfather was talking a little more today. My aunt was asking him questions and he was responding well. At one point, she asked him how many kids his son (my dad had) and he responded correctly. When she asked for our names, he said my aunt and dad’s name instead lol. It was funny but also kinda sad since he didn’t remember. I got to hold his hand (even though he tried to eat it lol)! Near the end, I just kept sensing that he was having a moment of clarity and that he wasn’t happy being in the home. It was a weird moment because I can sense and see the sadness…

Anywho, for dinner, we had banh uot and dessert, some fried bananas! We also then put together a thank you basket for the nurses at my Aunt Sue’s hospital All we need now is a card and it’s all good!

Well…bye yall!


What a day! It was quite uneventful but the rain was awful! I slept in a little and since my aunt and cousin had some things to do, I had the day for myself. Since it was raining, I didn’t really do much of anything. I planned my Europe trip a little (trying to pick the correct Eurorail and hotels) and I’m also trying to do my maid of honor duties. I cleaned up and wrapped myself in a blanket watching youtube video. So much to do though!

My Uncle Sue came home from work (he works at a bakery) and then we chatted with the family via FaceTime. He’s a pretty loving person and very selfless. Even though he had just gotten home from work, he had to go to ESL school. He typically gets Mondays off but since my aunt’s accident and their bosses are going out of town, he is subbing in for her. So he’s working 7 days a week (night shifts) and then goes to ESL classes 4 times a week for about 5 hours each. That’s a lot of time! Luckily he gets this weekend off for Easter so yay!

For breakfast/lunch, I took the bus to Warringah Mall to explore and get food. I had this Portuguese chicken sandwich. The lady was pretty rude, not nice at all. The sandwich was alright. I think the portuguese chicken at Frangos(?) was way better. The sandwich did have some nice sauce and the french fries I think had chicken salt, so that was a plus. The juice I got (Apple Strawberry) was tasty but I don’t think it’s fresh…oh well. I also was trying to find a post office in the mall so I can send out postcards since I keep forgetting about them with everything going on. I also bought some baby powder so it’s easier for me to epilate (look it up!).

I then headed back to Aunt Sue’s house. I was trying to figure out what to do on this rainy day. And I was trying to figure out what to cook while I’m here since I want to help out but I don’t know many simple Vietnamese dishes. I just cleaned up and washed the dishes instead. My cousin Tone can sure make a mess. My Uncle Sue came back and I helped him cook some canh (soup) for my aunt (even though he called me by my sister’s name…again!). It was beets soup! One of my favorites. I used to actually hate this soup because it turned the water red but now that I’m older, it is quite delicious!

We then headed to the hospital and when we got there, the dinner rounds have gone through. My aunt was craving home cooked meals like rice! lol Then she gave me her hospital food to eat. It was pretty bland and not something I wanted to eat but I have a hard time saying no when they tell me to eat lol so I ate some! He also brought in fish sauce which stinks but I think it was hilarious. Her liver is not working very well and she needs to drink more water is what the doctor says. He also can’t detect one of the main arteries in one of her arms but she’s getting an ultrasound soon for it. I think it’s because our family has small veins so they may not be able to feel it. Any who, she has so many flowers! The nurses were telling her she must be a good friend to have all these flowers. I also saw flowers from the neighbors of their street (we’ll call it rose street). The card said “Get well soon, love your neighbors on rose street”. That is the sweetest thing. I have never had a neighbor do that for me lol. She’s been in there for almost 2 weeks now but I’m thinking she’ll come home soon…here’s to hoping she does!

My uncle and I then headed back home. It was slightly awkward because I’m not a talker (which they know, which is why they like my sister lol). BUt I tried my best and the ride went smoothly :). I then headed to my Aunt Hai for dinner and to give her stuff. We had beet root soup there too! Oh the coincidence of that! This isn’t the first time that has happened. I remember in 2010, my Aunt Sue cooked a dish for breakfast and my Aunt Hai cooked the same thing for dinner. Crazy! I also tried that fun Korean peel off lipstick. I love the dark color when you first put it on. I want to find that shade for myself. My cousin said that shade looked good on me :). When i peeled it off, it was a nice red color. Then my aunt and I spent some time trying to figure out simple bridesmaid hairstyles. She’ll be doing our(all 7) hair so I wanted to find something simple.

Well…that was my day!

Bye y’all!

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