Day 4: Taking it easy

It was hard to get to sleep last night. Don’t know why. Luckily it’s not affecting me too much today.

Since I had an intense 3 days already, I just wanted to take it easy today. I walked around and went into to Caffe Viva at Taste of Willis for toast and jam and a Flat White coffee. I just leisurely walked around to find some souvenirs for the family. I was hoping I could find a market like the Paddy Market in Sydney but there weren’t any.

Today was also the day I was going to go to the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa. It was humongous! There were 6 floors! Normally I just rush through museums but since I was chilling today, I went through it slowly. There were exhibits about some sea animals and the earthquakes that happen here in New Zealand. There were also a lot of school girls (and a very cute teacher might I add!) so it was crowded. The line to the Gallipoli Exhibit was also long so I figured I explored the rest of the floors. Unfortunately it got longer so I think I’ll go tomorrow (it’s a free museum!). I also saw an interesting video about Te Rauparaha. But I saw some fun art so here you go:

Afterwards, I went for some lunch. Finding Vietnamese food is so hard! Maybe I’m not doing it right. Eventually I found one and had a Banh mi thit. It was surprisingly good. It had some lemon grass and a lot of the pickled carrots I like. I gotta say it the sand which was an “A” in my book (not sure about the others).

Side note: man buns are such a HUGE thing here. It’s not even a bun. Just a knob that they want to make us believe is a “bun”.

Anywho! After buying some postcards, I was walking to the waterfront when I walked passed City Galleria Wellington. It was free (so many free museums here!) so I looked around. I gotta say, I think I found a new favorite artist (as if I had one in the first place). The guides in the museum were so informative. They were telling me about Dashper. Apparently (hope this is all right), he wasn’t well known but he basically made it seem like he was all that. There’s this big art catalog call Artforum and when you get big as an artist, your work is in there. What Dashper did was he bought an ad page and kinda sorta wrote an article and put his own artwork, making it look like one of the pages. And before digital distribution to different galleries, artists usually sent this tiles with the artwork on them. The more you had, the bigger you were. Normally, artists made 4 copies to send to 3 galleries and one to keep. Dashper, however, made 400 of the same one so if you look at it, it seems like he was Andy Warhol of something. It was so fascinating. When he died, his wife, whose also an artist, basically did a monologues cataloging his studio. She just did it to take inventory but the monotonous voice made it art like. A recording was playing on the screen and all I heard was “F*** you” lol. When she was taking inventory, she got in an altercation with a neighbor and said those words. It was so funny and awesome. I really enjoyed that one.

Now I’m just chilling at the waterfront and there’s some guys jumping off and swimming and some school girls rowing. It’s been a good day. I’ll probably go get some water and head to a tour of the Beehive (parliament).

Sting ray in the middle photo!

Scratch that. I walked all the way to the Beehive and the last tour was at 4pm. And I got there at 5:15. It was such a long walk but I walked backed to the waterfront right where this guy (who was dashing) was singing some songs. He was actually pretty good. I was waiting for my friend Ben who was going to introduced me to some Kiwis (the people, not the birds as I originally thought). I met Carl (who reminded me of the llama) and the three of us went to Southern Crossing for beers and dinner. There I met Nick, another co worker of Ben. They were very fun to talk to and gave me some suggestions on what to do for when I’m in Auckland in a few days. Carl is from the South Islands and had a southerness to him that we find in he sound. He also loved mimicking our southern accents. Since me ride was leaving early (which I found out that she ended up not doing but darn the Internet for not warning me), I just hung out with Carl and Ben a little longer. We leisurely walked to the train station so I can catch a bus back (oh the money I have spent on transportation thus far…!). The walk was fun. Carl was basically mimicking the southern accent that I didn’t realize I had (while I kinda did). We just walked near the waterfront and I ended up waiting a few minutes at the station. The set up is a lot more different on a weekday than weekend. The first two cars are only used and you pay for the ticket on the train instead of at the booth.

I bid my farewells (and I might see them before I leave this Thursday for Auckland) and now am on the train back to the Airbnb. It’s weird how comfortable I am taking it. My feet still hurt but maybe I can get to bed.

Cheers to another day.

Bye y’all.

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