#LateNightThoughts — To all the lazy people out there

We all have got to-do’s

As the list of to-do’s and opportunities increases, you are afraid to step up your game and you try to avoid the failure. Not doing anything becomes the ultimate answer. You almost accidentally become a hostage of the Lazy You and the eventual outcome is equal to that imaginary failure of yours. Your captor destroys your time and possible experiences, while you develop a Stockholm syndrome towards the Lazy You, thinking that it’s loving and comforting, surrounding you with the safety. Than you hate the world more then ever, just for hating yourself so much on the first place.

Stop it and step up your game

When you DO things, you LIVE. Even when things are small and seem rather unimportant, it does, truly does make you feel better.

Just like this post. Perhaps too small to be noticeable, yet it’s a vital reminder to myself that this many words is already an improvement to a blank page.

Get back on track, You! Work it!

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