A bunch of newsroom people I follow on twitter are moving to The Boston Globe’s new HQ this week — leaving Morrissey Blvd, where the paper had been printed and edited since 1958.

That now former neighborhood is not far from downtown, but has the feeling of an abandoned expansion zone — flat, empty and quasi suburban (lots of parking though). The new place is on State Street right downtown. Walking distance from the State House and City Hall, and also from the Globe’s original office on Washington Street, where the paper was printed and edited til ‘58.

I worked at the Morrissey Blvd. plant from 2011–2013 but it’s never gonna leave my soul and it’s been wrenching to see it left behind. When I was there I got kind of obsessed with the building itself and the Globe’s history in general.

One magical day in that era Ellen Clegg, Dan McLaughlin and I discovered a treasure-filled room off the cafeteria, a space that had apparently existed as a Globe archive for a decade or so, and was then forgotten.

To mark the move, this week Ellen wrote a beautiful piece about that afternoon and the things we discovered. It’s toward the bottom of this otherwise also amazing Boston Globe Visuals newsletter (thanks to Scott Kirsner for sharing it with me)!

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