As hitting a software crisis made early programmers rethink the quality and the way they structure their projects, in recent years a similar trend started happening in digital product design as well. Design systems were introduced to better manage UI complexity and have changed the way modern web applications are built, since managing bespoke design at scale can be challenging.

So, what is a design system?

It is a framework that outlines a shared set of rules, constraints and principles¹ to build consistent user interfaces across applications and devices. …

When thinking about a new product or wanting to improve an existing one, it’s important to ensure that we’re solving the right problem for our customers. At dunnhumby Media, we’ve come up with our product discovery framework when starting a project from scratch or as a part of continuous delivery. This article will focus on the User Experience aspect of it.

What is product discovery?

Product discovery is a critical step used to determine if and why a product should be developed in the first place.¹ It is a multidisciplinary field where, among others, Product Management and User Experience (UX) join forces to make sure the right product is going to be built for the customers. …

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