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Vegan Phillip Williams sued Burger King over cooking vegetables and meat on the same grill, Next Feed informs.

Once he found pieces of meat in his food. He ordered Impossible Whopper with vegetable meat at a fast-food restaurant in Atlanta. Phillip noted that he would have never eaten a sandwich if it had contained a bit of meat.

Impossible Foods Inc, which helped to create Impossible Whopper, said that the product was intended for people, who wanted to consume less animal protein, but not for vegans and vegetarians.

But on the company’s web-site, Impossible Whopper is estimated as “100% Whopper…

‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year” the well-known song runs. So, it’s a perfect decision to organize a date, which will reflect the festive atmosphere and help you indulge in Christmas mood, Next Feed informs.

So, here are 10 ideas for the perfect Christmas date. We are sure, your better half will definitely like this.

Make your lover a gift — a professional Christmas photoshoot. Also, it’s a good way to take photos for your future Christmas cards. Do not forget — the years go by, but the memory remains!

Buy, rent or ask your friends for a…

Black Friday in 2019 falls on November, 29. It’s the best day of the year, a real holiday for any rational person who knows how to save money. Black Friday is global sales, which involves almost all large and small retail chains and stores in the world, Next Feed informs.

The holiday dates back to the 19th century. But the existing name appeared only in 1966.

According to one legend, Black Friday was called so due to the fact that sellers kept records of expenses with a red pen and income with a black pen. …

Like any commercial company, Microsoft strives to maintain high productivity personnel. But a curious experiment conducted by its Japanese office unexpectedly showed that a shorter workweek could positively affect productivity, Next Feed informs.

In August 2019, Microsoft Japan conducted an experiment in which employees had a three-day weekend for one month. Microsoft made Friday a day-off with wages maintenance. The experiment was made within its Work-Life Choice Challenge.

Such results were predictable. People became happier and amount of days-off fell by 25.4% during the month. But more importantly, the workweek was shorter by 20%, but employee’s productivity increased by 39.9%…

Apple Inc. has presented the new AirPods Pro headphones, as Next Feed informs.

A completely changed design is the first main differentiating feature of the new headphones. From earbuds, AirPods Pro have turned into in-ear headphones, which in theory will allow them to fix more densely in users’ ears. But the overall concept stays the same.

The new headphones have a noise-cancellation function and support wireless charging.

Using the built-in microphones, the headphones detect sounds from the outside and mute them.

So the user can either hear what is happening around or completely remove external noise. A special sensor helps to regulate this function. …

Who doesn’t want to find his way in a fairy tale? Now we have such a possibility: for several days four lucky persons could become Barbies or Kens. Everything that is needed is to book the apartments on Airbnb, Next Feed informs.

Barbie Dreamhouse was posted on this booking site. White and Pink cottage is located in Malibu, California and can be rented only for two days from October 27 to October 29 for a relatively cheap price — $ 60 per night.

“Panoramic ocean views and glamorous décor make the house a great place for a Barbie-style holiday”.


Halloween is coming: pumpkin lamps are created, the costume is thought out to the smallest detail. It remains to choose the appropriate Halloween makeup and you are ready for the most terrible holiday in the world, Next Feed informs.

If you like everything modern and follow the newest trends, so you surely will enjoy this collection of the most stylish Halloween makeups. Try one of them and you’ll have the coolest, creepy, cute and bright costume at the party.

When the weather becomes nippy, windy, our immunity has to work in full throttle to repel the attacks of bacteria and viruses, Next Feed informs.

The whole system is responsible for our well-being, it works even at the cell level. So for its better functioning, we should take care of all the body, otherwise, we’ll stay in bed with a high body temperature for all cold season.

Here’s what we can do to help immune system work more efficiently.

A real focus of inflammation emerges in a smoker’s mouth and distracts the immune system. Smokers are more prone to get…

The modern world has its own cruel rules. In the age of social networks, everyone wants to be more beautiful, more pompous and cooler, than in reality. And sincerity becomes a very rare feature, Next Feed informs.

But being cool is not about appearance and image, but the state of mind. If you are yourself, if you do, what you want, if you like and enjoy life — that’s the true sense of this feature.

So, the point is to be, rather than to seem. That’s why we created a unique collection of best quotes, which will dot the i’s…

The first shoots from a new James Bond movie appeared on the Internet. There Lashana Lynch acts in the role of 007, Next Feed informs.

The actress poses in uniform, with a headphone and a whole arsenal of weapons on the set in Italy, where the filming takes place. The premiere of the film, named No Time to Die, is scheduled for April 2020.

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