If you’ve looked into our interview process, you’ll see that we always ask the question “why is remote important to you?” An essential question for building a team with shared values, which is part of our recipe for success. Every member of our community has expressed their own compelling reason: more time with family, freedom to travel, independence to create. And every year we take time to celebrate those reasons!

Working remote is full of perks but of course, there are challenges as well. The obvious challenges are easy to address: provide opportunities for social engagement, leadership development, 1:1 mentoring…

To provide fraud protection on consumer purchases made through a mobile application, software developers constructed a bridge between React Native core code, and the anti-fraud vendor’s SDKs written in native iOS and Android.

Developing new software can be similar to constructing a puzzle. Open-source provides the pieces, and developers create the picture; choosing combinations of code that will create opportunities and limitations affecting the end product. But where do those puzzle pieces come from? The moments when there was nothing in existence that fit, and software development had to get creative.

This article is about one of those moments and…

Before joining Clevertech, working remote was just an idea that crossed my mind. The thought often came when I would turn on the space heater under my office desk in the middle of summer because the air conditioning threatened to provoke hypothermia. I couldn’t work remote, I love people. How could I do my job of navigating complex organizations through times of change without standing in front of the people most affected? Remote work is for software developers and people who would rather sit in front of a computer than talk to each other… or so I thought.

Now I…

Marta Maietta

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