What is it in my Startup Innovation course (International MBA — IE Business School)?

The success of startups does not depend on the ability to have ideas but on the skills to find the right ideas: The good ideas are: innovative and valuable. And you will want good ideas because they have the more chances of customers wanting them. That simple!

The main goal of this course is to train you as a startup innovator (solo and team). And will prove that…Yes, innovation can be taught!

What does this four-week course teach us about innovation?

  • Learn and practice techniques for good idea generation. You will learn and practice three important techniques to discover good ideas for startups. They are called Changing what does not work, Making things easier and Making things cheaper.
  • Gain hands-on knowledge of the bricks of the innovation back-end that takes place at the backstage of all innovative startup: managing wins and losses, startup politics and the innovation calendar.
  • Gain effective insights into how to grow innovation. Including innovation accounting, team innovation and intellectual property.
  • Gain practice with idea thinking, creation dynamics and innovation uncertainty.
  • Learn from the history of most innovative startups and businesses how to balance growth and innovation.

Compete in a team, collaborate with other team leaders, discover your innovator profile, live a team innovation experience… and get a sound innovation process that will prepare you to become a startup innovator. Apply!