Day 31, October 16, 2017

I think it’s been a month since I came to Birmingham. Oh wow, that definitely doesn’t seem like one. Why does time fly by so fast ?

But it was a great month of new discoveries and experiences. Monday was more than regular — a morning Lexicogrammar class and some studying in the library as usual. We discussed Theme and Rheme topic in the class today which was alright, quite understandable.

Usual weekly shopping was done slightly in a different way. After a month I did kind of realized I’m getting fat so decided to cut down on sugar and some fats. However, I’m planning to make Ukrainian food for my housemates this week so couldn’t keep from buying some fatty pork and beets for Borsch :D It was so funny how we were passing by fresh made bakery and my friend wanted to grab some I said NO! with angry-funny look and an old man passing by us told my friend : “Oh, women” — we were laughing like crazy hahahahah

The weather was horrible and still is! It’s real storm outside and the sun was really red today, so weird. More info you can read here if interested:

Just too lazy to describe everything ⚡️

In the evening we had salad with prawns and bread with sun-dried tomatoes, yummy and more or less healthy. So I nearly finishing the 1st chapter of my dissertation and going to sleep, GN 🌟🌛🌞

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