B-Side of Spanish music scene

Izal, the revelation

The Spanish band Izal has consolidated its success with a new album: Copacabana. It arrives after a long summer for the group playing at the most important festivals in Spain. It is their last project, where they have been able to be more time in the studio. They have recorded without a hurry and the result has been an album with a neater sound and more electronic.

They affirm that prefer concerts in little halls. But since their second album was released, Agujeros de gusano, in 2013, they became a success in the indie music scene in Spain. And all the big festivals in the country wanted them. They have played in the stages of the Low Cost, Dcode, Granada Sound, Les Arts or Sonorama festivals.

The band was born in Madrid at the end of 2010. It is formed by Mikel Izal (vocalist and composer), Alejandro Jordá (drummer), Emanuel Pérez “Gato” (bass), Alberto Pérez (guitars) and Iván Mella (keyboards). Their first project was Teletransporte, an EP recorded in Barcelona. It was the starting point for Izal, that in its first year gave sixty concerts. And, in 2011 landed in South-America, in the International Festival of Sucre in Ecuador. Since that moment, Izal was in the spotlight. And now, with three albums released, they have consolidated their position on the musical scene. They are no more the revelation group, but they have built an important name.

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