UX Design field notes: designing a mobile app to connect parents

Me, during a field research in the mist of a swimming pool.

What I have done when I didn’t know — yet — what to do: surveys, in-person interviews, and early concept testing.

A mum showing her diary during a user interview.
Testing different ways to display contacts organising them by kid. We discovered that roles mattered: nannies wanted to quickly identify the other nannies, and mums the other mums.

What to do when once you know a bit more: create stories and tasks, and prototype the most relevant.

Participatory design sessions: how mums imagined the organiser and map sections of the app

What I have done once I have something designed: show, not tell.

Testing with Pinky, a full-time nanny.
Testing with a mum and a au-pair, live-in nanny.

What I have done when the first prototype failed: pivot users segmentation, and therefore the product.

Back to the drawing (card)board

A UX happy ending, and a sort of confession.



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