Healing unconscious emotions, healing all kinds of emotional disequilibrium

In the very beginning of my attendances, many years ago, one day I received a 29 years old woman, with morbid obesity, whose mainly complaint was another disease: epilepsy. Although she was still young, she didn’t have love relationships, she didn’t date.

She had frequent seizures, and despite of following her medical recommendations, she had strong fits almost every month wherever she was, and in her work place this was more than embarrassing. Her livelihood was in jeopardy by the constant jobs dismissals. The distress of the process went a long way beyond all that.

After some weeks of treatment, we got to a specific session. And this day was very special. We were able to get to the origin of that emotional load directly related to the settled disequilibrium, which, in its due time, hasn’t achieved the necessary drainage and disintegration. This is, sometimes, much more natural and frequent than we suppose. This disintegration at the ideal moment is not always possible, what would be appropriated, so the person wouldn’t bring it, on an unconscious level, to the present day. This occurs due to the exposition to situations of strong traumatic contents really lived and experienced in a certain period. So the load remains accumulated and registered as undrained in the unconscious mind. We can call them, as I named them, “emotional loads not properly drained”, regardless of the time. Remembering you can relate them to the unconsciousness or to Past Lives, as you wish. I leave this reference open, respecting everyone’s beliefs and free will. The important thing is the possibility of disintegrating these emotional loads, not fully drained, and that interferes directly in everybody’s lives. In this case, the disintegration of the generated load not being done, the somatization of those emotions, over time, surfaced, causing the Epilepsy.

How could I affirm that this was the origin of this specific pathology? Don’t you think it’s too simple? I understand this question is much more than interesting, because it can show us how tempting the easy and Cartesian answers path is. We want easy and simple answers. But in the human field, we consider the Integral and Multidimensional Being, and in this specific case, there really was a direct line between the pathology and its origin, but it’s not always like this, and there are not such clear and objective answers. As a matter of fact, this case has arrived in a didactical and simplified form, because of some loving help in my learning process, and in the general context. But the paths are complex, and many times the contents brought up in the regression sessions are material that asks a lot of deep study. And it’s very fun to study the many windows that open themselves with clarity and richness of contents that many times knock down beliefs’ barriers comfortably consolidated and not always realized with clarity.

Simple: the Epilepsy has disappeared completely. She has never had epileptic seizures again. The fits were gone immediately after our treatment. There was an integral healing. We’ve got to the source of the disequilibrium that manifested itself in the body as pathology, in the case, the epilepsy. Yes, the proof we’ve reached our goal of getting to the source was there, bringing up the unconscious load that generated this evidenced pathology to the consciousness.

She related she knew when the seizures were coming, because in the moments before them, a “little film” passed through her mind. A fast film, where the scenes couldn’t be identified, but the sensation was clear, and the seizure came soon after.

That day, inside a lovingly and carefully prepared environment, she brought up the trauma to consciousness, reviving it, remembering it clearly.

In a very special and touching session, a deep healing happened in front of my eyes.

With tears streaming sweetly down her face, she broke the silence as she said:

- “I’m a three-year-old girl. I have a nine-year-old brother with mental problems. Our parents work and leave us alone. We have more siblings and some relatives who take care of us”. But as she spoke, it was clear that those were absent adults. She was always alone and unprotected.

In a low voice, she kept relating the moves of his brother when he molested her. And the tears were running so gently and slowly it seemed the time had stopped.

Two kids. One of them being only three, and of course unable to understand what was “that” that made her feel so bad, and, coming from a brother?

She revived the past events and, since she was three until she was about seven, he used to molest her often. No relative appeared to do something about it during those years. All the adults and the people responsible for them, no matter their physical presence, were absent for her.

When she was about nine, the Epilepsy seizures started. The “little film” used to come. The somatization of the trauma experienced happened again and again.

We didn’t go into her past lives. She hasn’t even guessed that this was her own childhood of the current life. It was in her unconscious mind. Nobody knew this story, not even her!

Yes, it was startling for her. She didn’t remember too many things about her childhood, only a few scenes.

This also explained the morbid obesity origin, once she’d wanted to create a “protective shell”, not to allow anyone to get close, hiding herself from all the pain, running away from the aggressor, protecting herself.

After some weeks, there was no sign of the epileptic seizures. She was cured of the disequilibrium physical manifestation, where we got once more to the origin that unleashed the process.

She moved to another city, and after that, we lost contact. I couldn’t follow her process anymore, and I don’t know what has happened to her as time went by. The Epilepsy was gone!

I do believe we were able to facilitate her path towards the morbid obesity cure too, something I couldn’t verify.

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