Why branding matters?

We’re living in a diverse world. In every area of our life we have much to choose from. We decide on a product or service by looking at a price, quality or… just its appearance. Often, we don’t have time for deep research, reading labels or browsing for an analysis. We need to choose and we choose what looks more reliable and… is more beautiful.

We like beautiful people, we choose beautiful things. Beautiful people have easy life. It’s a cliché, but… that’s the way we think and that’s how we make our choices. If you want people to choose your product from the shelf — you need to invest in its branding. Think about the impression that you want to leave on your consumer and prepare suitable identification, packaging and advertising. It sounds easy and it is easy if you ask professionals to do this task. Colours, fonts, sizes — it all matters, same as type of paper or foil. It’s very important when it goes about the product you need to send to the buyer. Unpacking moment can be your moment of truth. Will I love this product? Will I recommend this brand to my friends or family? Will I remember my emotions when unpacking? Even now — it’s a very rare situation when I’m impressed with packaging, with brand’s communication, but it happens. For example — I remember two or three polish companies, which have great packaging, funny communication on labels or in their online stores. My buying process was something that I’ll remember, it was something unique and special. And of course I’ll recommend these online stores and visit them again.

In the case of jobs — is branding also important? If you search for a new job you look at the job advertisements. If it sounds good and look good — you’re interested. Now you need to look at the website and check if your first impression was right. Graphic consistency and consistency of communication between job advert and website is very important. That means that communication is thought out and the announcement is not just an attempt to attract the candidate but a representation of company’s goodwill. Next steps, like contact from the HR department, invitation for a meeting or sending an agreement need to be also consistent in language and design. This may prove that the organization is mature, that it cares about every aspect of the image so also about every aspect of the employee’s work.

I realize that I am more sensitive to design or language issues than the average person but I believe that quality is something that is important. The quality and consistency of the full communication of a product, service or company is something that is slowly becoming a part of competitive battle and can be a market advantage.

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