We See it Differently
Jonathan Carroll

I want to tell you sth, Jonathan. I hope you don’t mind, if you do, never mind, you can always ignore it and not read it at all. A week ago I had a job to do in a town located 2 hour-drive away from my place of living. So I was driving slowly through some tiny town, narrow streets, narrow pavements, buildings squeezed tightly on both sides and I accidently glanced left at a….tree in a backyard of one of the houses. Late autumn, so no leaves, only black branches against the white background of the skies. Sth was going on there in the tree so my eyes lingered there a way longer than I planned…Do you know what I saw? TWO WITCHES!!! Dresses made of transparent industrial foil, one of the branches served the function of a broomstick, a few others the sweeping part of it, heads were also made of more dense accumulation of black sticks. The incredible thing about them was that it was quite difficult to discern them, as branches, foil, skies were a mixture of two colours only — white and black. I’m not even sure if there were TWO witches, I’m only certain about one of them! The other one was PROBABLY there as well! Of course I fell in love with them, I got so enthusiastic that I wanted to stop the car in the middle of the street and take a photo with my smart phone, but I couldn’t. I was driving in a line of cars and I didn’t have any time to spare. I had to be at work on time. And that’s one of the things I regret now so much…How does this “story” correspond to your text? When I managed to discern the witches I thought: “That’s real ART and the person who’s made it is the real ARTIST!”. You look at sth/ read sth and this sth seems so ordinary, “normal” at first glance, but when you make an effort, if you WANT to make an effort, you might be awarded with sth really special, magical. That’s what real art should be like. Do you agree with me?

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