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Being an artist means being creative — so what do you do trying to be an Artist?
If you are trying to create something, you’ll try to maximise the impact to reach with that work. Unfortunately, this means that your primary task is to think about what other people think of you — you have to do this if you want to create something that other people can have some sort of reactions to. But, starting to think about what other people think of you, this will switch off your creative impulse making you incapable of execute your idea.

Thanks to Future London Academy, I’ve recently had the opportunity to attend a lecture of Darius Pocha from JoyLab on the way our brain works and how we can boost creativity. According to him, trying to be a creative person and trying to be an ambitious and successful person, are two things that, to a neurological level, are completely in opposition. “You cannot be creative while you are thinking about what other people think of you, but — because of the human nature — you are always thinking about what other people think of you”.

We systematically try to find a way that can improve our creativity, so what can we do?

According to Darius’s tips, listed below there are three things that you must do if you want to be creative:

The first concept is about Saturation: if you are not working on something that interests you, that you are obsessed with or at least you are into to, don’t expect to come up with a very creative idea. People particularly creative about a topic, get obsessed about that topic because you start to think about it, then you think about it and you think about it –even when you are not thinking about it you actually think about it. Thus after saturating yourself with the deal or the creative idea, you are going to produce very strong creative responses.

The second concept is about Isolation: just think about the tons of messages, emails and phone calls you receive on your smartphone, or all the times you check on Facebook or other social networks… Every time you defocus from what you were doing, so basically you need to turn your mobile phone down if you want to do creative stuff. Lots of creative people physically isolate themselves while they are working because what you do need to do is to reduce the noise surrounding you.

The third concept is about Bisociation: we are used to think that if we have a general problem we don’t need to remember many things, we don’t need to stuck our brain with so many facts and details –why cannot we just go and look it up? But the problem is that if you don’t have a lot of things in your head, your opportunity to do a “simultaneous mental association of an idea or object with two fields ordinarily not regarded as related” gets more and more limited. This concept is known as bisociation, and to reliably get bisociation, you have to know lots of things: the more things you know, the more lightly you are gonna have bisociation and come up with creative solutions.

In conclusion basically the three things you need to focus on are: to pick problems you are obsessed with, so that you can saturate yourself with those problems — because that is when best ideas come; as far as possible, set yourself free from incoming stimulus, particularly if those stimulus are gonna make you think about what other people think about you. Last but not least, just know lots of things, and know lots of different stuff because if you know more than one frame, it will be easier to get more creative ideas.

For Lola Oyelayo from Head “Everyone has the ability to be creative, if he allows himself”.
Joylab and Head presented as part of the Future London Academy’s Design Thinking and Innovation course. For more information on upcoming courses see the Future London Academy website.
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